Grand Rapids, MI born artist, Brittany Lofton, has been developing her skills in portrait artistry for the past several years. Always known for her creative depiction of people, Brittany blended her portrait skills with new non conventional techniques which has driven her to become more of a contemporary artist.

Brittany's progression in portrait artistry has allowed her to explore using various materials. The use of this material has sharpen her craftsmanship and execution proving that she is very talented and creative having a drive to continue to grow and develop as an artist. Although known for her portrait artistry her subject of work vary from sketch, digital, and abstract art.

As a child and throughout her life Brittany received recognition for her artistic ability and creative talent. From a young age she knew she wanted to continue on her creative journey. Using her talent as a way to cope with stress and the negative influences of her environment, she excelled despite the adversities.

Brittany's artwork can be seen on Facebook and Instagram. From replica's to original commissioned works of art. If you are someone that would like to support please follow the link  and read more about Brittany's story.

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